Verse 1:

I'd be lying if I said I wasn’t doing this for dollars
ever since Killmonger was Little Wallace
working the pit in the shadow lurking ‘n shit
make my rounds in this underground circuit to spit
and take a chance now I’m flickin' posing in the winners stance
sorry bout ya mans he wasn’t even in my dinner plans
got ate up quicker than a record label advance
my music sounds like a pair of dirty Timberlands
one glance and get banned off of Instagram
too offensive frame it up for your night stand
this is all Terrence fam no hype man
scram before you end up in Big Sean’s white van
I’m only here to do damage when I pen it
each lyric got a unfair advantage on a critic
I drain the pool dry on you cannon, No Limit
you would think Dorothy Dandridge stuck her toe in it
no racism no hatin' on my folks
no cosigns no waitin' on the goats
they say a rising tide comes and lifts all the boats
And even if it don’t, know my quotes still gonna float

Verse: 2

My shows packed from front rows to nosebleeds
don’t need no running start to build up some damn speed
my momentum is something you can’t exceed
when I’m done the place look like a Bunkhouse stampede
counting cash, my profits of rage
place all smashed chairs thrown on the stage
might wanna burn some sweet grass and some sage
and purify the air before you further engage
cleanse the energy, bring ya harlot, I leave her
gave her the Dick test and I ain’t talkin' Scarlet Fever
I be the same 'cat' that 'dog' ya 'chickens' 'beaver'
Animal rap, black Labrador Retriever
sorry, my iidiosyncrasies a lil quirky
you might be more talented but could never outwork me
it don’t matter the labor great or small
you gotta do it well or you don’t do it at all
heard that from Quincy Jones, Thriller, Off the Wall
Motown 25 moonwalking down the hall
they want the record deal
I want the licensing deal
gotta own the master rights, the likeness, and the feel

Copyright: Whitmore Skillz Music 2020


from $14 and a Record Player, released February 21, 2021
written by Terrence Wood
produced by Dreamlife Beats


all rights reserved



Terrence Wood Austin, Texas

Terrence Wood
aka Side Effect

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