By Your Side

from $14 and a Record Player by Terrence Wood



Verse 1:

When everybody else was gone in the wind
you was there dancing with me like the song never end
they was all about to bounce you finna just settle in
a fair weather better friend that was

somethin bout you can’t quite put my finger on it
must be a water sign so creative in the moment
I’m alone never lonely you my homie
ride or die always told me you be

never far from me only a song away
put on my headphones in a zone press play
stormy weather all a sudden it’s a better day
sun start shining when I’m

if i was in a bad mood you change my attitude
life of the party first one to get it started
hold you sacred in my heart feeling like I gotta guard it
know that if we ever parted

Hip hop you the love of my life it’s been said by others
I’m tryna shoot my shot just like them other brothers
I been crushing on you since I was 13
learning all about you just so I can be

and all of sudden all your friends is my friends
we got you in common cause of you we started rhymin
making songs and relationships that last life long
you the glue that makes the bond strong

they call me Side but you still call me Terrence
I was broke still had me looking fly off of clearance
said it’s not about the things it’s more about the experience
turn it up so you can hear it cause I’m

late night parties early morning house cleaning
cruisin running errands seat back gangsta leaning
whether in the bar or iron horse hopping car to car
everywhere I go there you are


It’s kinda crazy when you think you growing out of it
It’s still here unconditional you gotta love
people come and go but hip hop you never strayed
always been there for me always stayed

Verse 2:

See I’ma recluse at times out of sight out of mind
Hip hop brought me up out my box so I could shine
used to be a introvert wanted to be left alone
like we can hang just separately in our own home

them feelings is long gone you changed my whole outlook
being on stage spittin rhymes shoutin out hooks
It’s a high you gotta experience to describe
just know I failed more times than beginners ever tried

when they bouncing out chuckin' up the deuces
you my day wizzy right there no excuses
always in my ear like my conscious
so loud still I hear through the nonsense when you

when I was in school and full time employed
tryna acquire some materialistic toys to enjoy
you was right there through it all if I ever fall
Told me

Copyright: Whitmore Skillz Music 2020


from $14 and a Record Player, released February 21, 2021
written by Terrence Wood
produced by Gambi Music


all rights reserved



Terrence Wood Austin, Texas

Terrence Wood
aka Side Effect

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