February 21st

from $14 and a Record Player by Terrence Wood

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February 21st 1975
50 degrees outside was the high
when I opened up my eyes and let out my first cry
pray to God this world let this lil black boy survive
he just wanna make some music that inspire you while you drive
at the job, push you from that 4 o'clock to 5
It’s amazing how tempus fugit, time flies
I was just watching Tempest Bledsoe, and The Cos
I had a plan, but got punched in the mouth
Mike was right, a left uppercut from life
not Jennings penning wrongs I could easily right(write)
sometimes wishing I could go peacefully in the night
but that would be the sucka route
pull out the Hammer rather "Turn This Muphuka Out"
"we gotta pray just to make it today", see sometimes I talk to God
cause the more I talk to people, the more I like my dog
cause he just tryna show his master love
drinkin beers I was fartin at the gastropub
yeah, see they can laugh at my social gaffe
knowin that them folks can’t hold a note in my vocal class
somethings wrong whicha mental
it’s fundamental you lackin proper guidance that’s parental
as a kid I wanted to be champ intercontinental
y'all don’t know the violence it took to become this gentle
It’s dead silence when I'm lurking
man the bugs stop buzzing man the birds stop chirping
when death is in the air I can feel it
I can wait for it to die or I can swoop down and kill it
like watching vultures eating roadkill
I got no chill, I try like Angela Bofill
you gone learn what the real bout
they try to copy but what I do but it's outside they’re wheelhouse
outside they comfort zone give up on this rappin fam
just go be a factory man with no back up plan
but for me and my team we ain’t quittin
I’m seeing too many memes that say this muphuka spittin
that’s cause you know I don’t play son
is your attitude gonna be one day? or is it day one?
that’s what I do with every beat I’ma burn it
I’ma funk it all up to be damned and then return it
throwin dollars on the dash Bubba Wallace on the gas
I was young, used to love watching the Dukes of Haz
till I learned about that flag on that car I was mad
like dag Bo and Luke my dudes y'all did me bad
love naps but stay woke
cause when you least expect they run the okey doke on my folk
it’s no joke
be smart stay sharp
test yaself if need be
I do it too person, woman ,man, camera, TV

Copyright: Whitmore Skillz Music (2020)


from $14 and a Record Player, released February 21, 2021
written by Terrence Wood
produced by Yo Reciclo


all rights reserved



Terrence Wood Austin, Texas

Terrence Wood
aka Side Effect

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