Never Around

from The Flyest on Papyrus by Terrence Wood



Verse 1:

While we was feeding off the energy, painting pictures with imagery
I ain’t seen your ass nowhere near the vicinity
you was M.I.A and I ain't talking bout Miami
then show up when we blow up talking bout how we family
them funny style dudes make me laugh
they street credit is so bad won't nobody take their cash
cause even that’s questionable sort of like your rep is
you tryna eat breakfast with the bosses get applauded for your efforts
but that ain’t gone cut it, tryna get your bread buttered
get your head-butted instead, punted and stomach gutted
and that’s for those who want it, know this game came with something
they praying to Gods and hoping for angel funding
but ain't gone get it here, cause if I put it down in years
of how long I been doing it, I'd probably break down in tears
emotional attachment, this rap shit is part of me, it's calling me
ain’t nobody eating off my artistry
for real

Verse 2:

Now everybody straight popping out the woodwork
they hating on the way that the bul Terrence Wood work
hourly or salary? exempt or non-exempt?
you part-time or full-time? you permanent or temp?
a sermon from a pimp is what I think of when you're speaking
yearning for attench, you claim you're helping but you're leeching
I’m Jay-Z’n you're too busy Memphis Bleek'n
Spliff Starr'n, tryna pull up in a whip that's foreign
me and my akhi’s looking like the Paid in Full Posse
school you was too cocky, a lil too Tupac-y
you and your crew a dudes was never cool, too sloppy
now your girl is up in the pool getting bukkake’d
MPC wit a 3.5 floppy, I was looping up a beat
while you was hooping in the street
and talking like you're Jordan and our dreams was unimportant
now it hurts cause you da bul selling merch when we touring
straight snoring, sleeping on us

Verse 3:

And now you wanna boast, raise your glasses make a toast
when I needed you the most you was ghost
nowhere to be found, outta sight outta mind
kinda, clueless how that I could even find ya
but then when I did, I realize I ain't want ya
the thrill is over, feeling almost dead and killing over
sending drunk texts, then regret it when you're sober
but now I’m down in Texas ain't no way you coming over
I ain’t a hop skip like I used to be
use to hear your screams bouncing off the walls acoustically
but truthfully, sorry for the spoiler alert
don’t mean to ruin this plot before it thickens
I was always hot and sickening
tried to tell you then, but you wasn’t 'round listening
you was fooling yourself, self-cannibal, full of yourself
try to teach me a lesson but end up schooling yourself
you gone learn today, that’s what I heard’em say
muphukas wasn't 'round yo

Copyright: Whitmore Skillz Music (2012)


from The Flyest on Papyrus, released February 18, 2021
Written by Terrence Wood
Produced by Sparkz Mentalz


all rights reserved



Terrence Wood Austin, Texas

Terrence Wood
aka Side Effect

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