Nothing No Nada (feat. Scandal of 40th Dimension and Jake Lefco)

from Cabin Fever by Side Effect x Happ G



You ain't gotta go far to get nothing but the heat
cause them water boys still living up the street
all you gotta do for me is keep switching up the beat
and I'ma boost that muphuka like I'm lifting up the seat
a true Philly soldier, I flow 'till the thrill is over
I rock the whole city from Temple U to Villanova
a sensimilla roller, it keep me young at heart
but I'm gettin' older, can't fuck with Dr. Phil and Oprah
rasta goombah, eat pasta and fried chicken
deadly combo, Scan, Jake, and Side spittin'
I keep they inner thighs drippin' when I get to eye squintin'
I should have like 9 kids, luckily I didn't
but I'm hot overseas like vroom-vroom party starter
to get the hometown props is much harder
it's hardly a problem for me papa you in me casa
I'm carne asada enchilada, you ensalada

The show stopper, there's simply no flow hotter
can't come close so don't try to
not pro life I'm pro lava
half scholar half goldminer old fashion professional rhymer
want it off the top? no problem
the flows deep it probably got no bottom
they killed Saddam but not Osama
the honor is President Barack Obama's
the man mobilized globalize cleanup
the whole world's pissin' but nobody put the seat up
never put my feet up, I run like a cheetah
I come from a land known as Philadelphia
Pennsylvania, but need I remind
if I told you that I didn't bring the heat, I'd be lyin'
but ladies gravitate to me I see why
andale andale mami, ei ei

You can't do me none son ain't no debatement
see I done heard alot, but never heard a truer statement
in the basements where I learned all the elements
I put in mad work, call it research and development
here I am dope as shit, hoping I can focus it
wildin' out, might make Wayne Brady have to choke a bitch
I rock a rhyme, bring change like Barack Obam
then I'm on the run like I knocked up the octomom
my bass thump like them cats down in Texas do it
my trunk rattlin' like somebody gettin' electrocuted
the best to do it, can't listen to you spit
I'd rather be in the stall next to you listening to you shit
see I will tear you to pieces
like them Nigerians who keep them baboons and hyenas on leashes
see I do songs, get props, produce strong hip hop
you doin' it wrong ock, you soft like thong flip flops


from Cabin Fever, released January 1, 2010
Written by Scandal, Jake Lefco, & Side Effect
Produced by Happ G


all rights reserved



Terrence Wood Austin, Texas

Terrence Wood
aka Side Effect

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