PNW feat. D​-​Russ

from $14 and a Record Player by Terrence Wood



Verse 1: Terrence Wood

I’m not a great communicator but I communicate great things
Surround myself with intelligent queens and great kings
They told me think first
If they willing to give a million imagine how much you must be really worth
I’m from Philly first, then drove a Lexus down to Texas
Then a BMW up to the PNW
Thinking how 2020 was a mother, lost my father, couldn’t handle it
had to escalate to upper management
And pray about it
them rainy days ain’t gonna last
every sinner got a future, every saint got a past
tryna carve a new path while remaining on my humble jawn
can’t have my kids walking on the same rocks I stumbled on
I quit so many jobs that it’s disgusting
just cause I believed that I’d make something outta nothing
just wanna make a record, get respected for a crazy flow
and have y'all give me credit no debt to income ratio
just tryna add some balance in my writing
caught between God and gangsta rap like Michael Eric Dyson
might have to change my name - Jennifer Bynum
If you flashy you creating resentment? or you inspiring?

Verse 2: D-Russ

Lyrically I'm a tyrant, violent with this pen I grip
your chin can't slip this southpaw switch, I'll hit you with the grippa clips
you're a sinking ship, a Titanic, you're panicking
I'm handling beats and mandolins, Christopher Wallace channeling (baby-baby)
challengers dodge me oddly enough I can't be missed
I'm equipped with the iron fists, no ironing out our differences
I insist, picture us punching a time clock for a 9 to 5
the devil is a lie, I'm right by Side Effect's side
we coincide down in these beats, vocals reside down in the creases
D-Russ keep ripping up features putting these starters in the bleachers
I'm creature, I know you thought you had it made
Nas said, Hip Hop was dead that bitch rolled over in her grave
the evidence of things unseen I know you never saw this coming
I was summoned, cause I'm money
I'm that feeling, in your tummy
no self-respect or dignity, your manhood in question
no pressure, this is easy like a Sunday morning Bible lesson
I see you sweatin' bet that heart rate is increasing
your situations bleak as your testosterone releases
this is for my five girls and my wife
if you ever disrespect I said I lay you rest I'm nice

Copyright: Whitmore Skillz Music(BMI) 2021


from $14 and a Record Player, released February 21, 2021
written by Terrence Wood and D-Russ
produced by Yo Reciclo


all rights reserved



Terrence Wood Austin, Texas

Terrence Wood
aka Side Effect

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