Point Blank feat. Mirage the Gr8

from $14 and a Record Player by Terrence Wood



Verse 1: Mirage the Gr8

I'm lookin at old photos, thinking how I dressed like Trayvon
my potna sold dope I cut lawns
I was a student athlete with a thing for poems
I went to class faithfully but the shit was boring, of course
I never learned much about my own
until I got grown, and went out and learned on my own
we all stuck, tryna find a way to eat
get it from a job, or from the concrete
the police were created to protect the wealthy
so to a poor minority the police ain't healthy
of course it ain't all, but I will say most
police got a fucked up view of my folk
so that peace thing is probably a no go
they got me feeling like that PE logo
it's simple, either you're moving or you're standing still
you live in fantasy, or you keep it trill
a time to destroy, and a time to build
tryna acquire assets more than a mil
then provide a way for my folk to do the same
anything other than that is quite lame

Verse 2: Terrence Wood

I'm from a place where they quick to pull the hammer from they waist
put it to ya face and rock you like Alabama Shakes
"Hold On", can’t say I’m proud I feel more disgrace
embarrassment and shame
disparagement and disdain
they teach about the slave part, leave out the king part
Not Martin Luther talkin bout when we was rulers
self taught from the music we ain’t have no computers
work from home and still late to work, telecommuter
creatives are never bored, introverts are never lovely
been quarantining for years I’m good over here homie
but I think about them kids that face abuse at the crib
and school was they safe place before the Co-vid
wish I could save’em all, tak’em to run ball
even though I got no game, anything to ease to pain
cause them children is a blessing they taught me so many lessons
and they don’t want no presents, they just want you to be present
and I don’t care if somebody ain’t do you right
sometimes a broken heart can fuck around and fix your sight
have you focus on your vision board like, damn I’m aiight
accomplished everything I thought I would and more cause when I write
you know the...

Copyright: Whitmore Skillz Music 2020


from $14 and a Record Player, released February 21, 2021
written by Terrence Wood and Mirage the Gr8
produced by Dreamlife Beats


all rights reserved



Terrence Wood Austin, Texas

Terrence Wood
aka Side Effect

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