So Real feat. Mirage the Gr8, Terrence Wood, D​.​O​.​S

from Just Hold Still by Terrence Wood



Verse 1: Mirage the Gr8

I'm real, true like the tag on me
I stay in the front, never lag homie
I'm Breaking Bad, Walter White
homie act a fool, well homie die tonight
metaphorically speaking of course, right
no evidence for them people stay out they eyesight
peace to that cat Trilly out in Arizona
we coming with some potent, we had to warn ya
my pedigree is tested solid like the words of Christ
don't talk what I don't do, my principles in life
yeah, the opposite of fiction
I'ma do it my way but carry on tradition
I blend well, but I'm such a contradiction
slow Texan in my stroll, chest full of ambition
peep the struggle in my flow
keep my mind on green like go
and I'm so..

Verse 2: Terrence Wood

So natural you can feel the emotion
ain't hard to differentiate the real from the hokum
ain't no magic snake oils or a potion
that's concocted together to mislead'em or coax'em
they flock to it intuitively, I ink it
but ain't got nothing to do with me, it's instinctive
people tired man, they wanna hear a rougher joint
and this is fire, y'all should gather at the muster point
take attendance make sure y'all accounted for
I can't be held liable when it sound this raw
you too busy worried bout whips and fly clothes
while I'm tryna flip these two fish and five loaves
something out of nothing, this is why the pen's drawn
sometimes I feel like a whisper in a wind storm
nobody hear me, if you blink I probably been gone
immortalized through this music, this the real jawn

Verse 3: D.O.S

So real, niggas do real things
so trill, we the microphone kings
so ill, bear arms when in the field
no frills
I gotta be the first up for that paper baby knowledge that
so tell them average rappin' cats D.O.S is back
let you have it for a sec, thought you had it set
I'm back on deck, R.I.P to your rep, uh
I'm so hard like the banger in my sweats
you ain't gotta like it, but you will show me respect
you go left I put the Nikies on your neck
I do this shit for laughs so you better come correct
this is five element rap, that's stronger than crack
the five finger snap with the elegant stats
better get yourself a nap the piranha's on attack
it ain't safe out here no more, that's that


from Just Hold Still, released February 18, 2021
Written by Terrence Wood, Mirage the Gr8, & D.O.S
Produced by Dee Metto


all rights reserved



Terrence Wood Austin, Texas

Terrence Wood
aka Side Effect

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