Stomp feat. C​-​Raine

from $14 and a Record Player by Terrence Wood



Verse 1: Terrence Wood

They say T where you been? we ain't rap in a minute
I ain't online all the time my life I actually live it
I'm with the wife and kids off the grid
but occasionally I breeze through your block and I chop off a head
roll it through your front door just as a reminder
keep you on your toes for those who dose in their recliner
heaven knows God designed one hell of a rhymer
creeping in the background but I ain't tryna photo bomb ya
I'm a Undergrinder for more, hustle goals full of soul
sounds like I record at Muscle Shoals
dirty southern grittiness, mixed with that Philly spitta ignorance
sorry killa this ain't on your syllabus
this is ad hoc a deviation for the have-nots
it sounds like sasquatch stomping down a back block
I had a choice that could hoist me out the ghetto
and my old head told me be the voice not the echo


Let's stomp these dudes put the pressure on fools
they be taking up space dog all in the way
count back to one I been raw since the day
c'mon stomp these dudes wit ya bul, what I say

Verse 2: C. Raine

They like Raine where you been at?
feeling like Pacino try to leave they pull me back in I never get to relax
never get to recline so I give'em what they want fuck it
whether the rhymes or the clothing line they gonna love it
I been about mine never understood gimmick
you need it I got you I supply you man that's good business
fuck that back and forth nigga we ain't playin tennis
my rep is tremendous man these haters can't bear to witness
you's a fake it till you make it type muphuka
everyday we celebratin' out this muphuka
we don't ask so we take it from a muphuka
bout to get stomped Kirk Franklin out this muphuka
man these niggas can't get what I got
you think I'm playin' HLF to the socks
man is you coppin' or not?
clear my lane on my way to the top
you in the way you get stomped out the box muphuka

Verse 3: Terrence Wood

See they give it automatic I don't ask for respect
this ain't a album it's a passion project
never did it for the money still I'm cashing my checks
from BMI and that ain't body mass index
but they fat no pun intended
but I'm a Big Pun descendent of lyricism hear a rhythm and bend it
to your liking, look at the graph and see where you're spiking
then a sharp decline so that's time to market mine
to the mass talk trash come around you get Hulk smashed
rap like I'm blood drunk with rage on a warpath
you talking show money do a little more math
I need fasho money guarantees all cash
and for that you know results are cataclysmic
you should witness this prolific rapping at a distance
safety first say this verse will only make it worse
feeling like the ground is shaking standing on some quaking earth

Copyright: Whitmore Skillz Music


from $14 and a Record Player, released February 21, 2021
written by Terrence Wood and C. Raine
produced by Dreamlife Beats


all rights reserved



Terrence Wood Austin, Texas

Terrence Wood
aka Side Effect

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