Stomp You Out feat. Biz Mighty & J​​.​​O. The Last Man

from The Side Effect Ep by Side Effect x Dumhi



I'm just warming up see, I ain't even begun to start
make'em wonder how that ol'head stay so young at heart
my brain is chiseled and my tongue is sharp
is you dumb or smart
try to say my verse that shit'll blow your lungs apart
I'm in the sky flying high landing somewhere sandy
the clouds melting on my tongue like it's cotton candy
while you back up on the block taking shots of brandy
asking your mom for gas money for your pop's Camry
son it's the principle it ain't about the money
a nigga say that, you know it's all about the money
you say you put in work, but you call out when it's sunny
taking shorty to Hibachi like that's ballin' on a honey
you're freestyle sound to me like same sex vowels
you're lame and they make me wanna aim projectiles
Side is the truth they can't accept it
so in statistician terms that gotta mean they fail to reject it


from The Side Effect Ep, released January 1, 2011
Written by Side Effect, Biz Mighty, & J​.​O. The Last Man
Produced by Dumhi


all rights reserved



Terrence Wood Austin, Texas

Terrence Wood
aka Side Effect

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