Verse 1:

Yo I live this hip hop this is me every damn day
I don't have no plan B, just another plan A
Side I be the underdog, jokes y'all had lots of them
but laugh now, it ain't as funny when the rabbit got the gun
I'm in the booth like I'm tryna get my vote on
I wrote this song up in a coupe I'm still paying the note on
I'm tryna get my goat on making music for your spirit
told Stress the hotter the beats, then the hotter I bring the lyrics

Verse 2:

Sometimes you gotta look within, cause that's where the truth is
and then go out on a limb cause that's where the fruits is
live life abundantly and try to bring my homies there
I don't need no gear made out of ostrich fur or pony hair
I'm a simple dude, flashy treasures I don't need this
a man is the richest whose pleasures are the cheapest
blessings on the way, God just moving 'round the pieces
cause my life is like a puzzle I just need him to complete this

Verse 3:

You can sleep on me but I don't think that I will ever rest
'till I bring in cake like I'm TD Jakes at Megafest
motivation speaker over beats that are drum tight
flat foot, bottled water, one mic
my impact is harder than colliding with your car fender
confide in me like your barber or your bartender
I'm not afraid to fail at times that's whatever
but my deepest fear is that I'm powerful beyond measure


from The Bangologist, released January 1, 2012
Written by Side Effect
Produced by Stress the White Boy


all rights reserved



Terrence Wood Austin, Texas

Terrence Wood
aka Side Effect

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