I need my beat to rumble like thunder when it come on
too smart to mumble yet ignorant enough to dumb on
son come on, this jawn ain’t no lay back in ya Maybach
this is man cave rap escaped slave rap
the Big Payback like James and them
this what happen to your rappin when you came up off Kane and them
they want the life, the hot wife, the ice, bright lights
I just wanna be twice as nice and own the license rights
they more Billy D, bul I’m more like Willie D
rep Austin still I be tossing up that Philly P
Y'all be killing me y'all do it to get lit up
I'm just tryna see what’s gonna happen if I don’t give up
this an experiment I’m charting all my findings
use me as a benchmark before you start your grinding
when it comes to shining I got standards and requirements
commandments and assignments for advancements in rhyming
bul reach in the quiver launch a arrow at y'all
have ya wall look like it’s covered up in Farrow and Ball
all red I be scalpin your head like Chickasaw
till I’m sick of y'all
get familiar with the bul I been this raw


They don't do it for the same reason as us
and that’s cool please don’t confuse the two
man I do it for the rush
ain’t a whole lot to discuss
I don’t do it for no girls or no crush
man I do it for the rush
they need they jewels all lush
and they car all plush
that ain’t us, man I do it for the rush
ain't a feeling you can touch
It’s my art like a paint it with a brush
man I do it for the rush

My music I make it for me it ain't really for you
I mean you like it, wanna sing it wanna recite it, yeah that’s cool
I put the songs out if they grow legs I let’em walk
let’em go bet this flow’ll trot the globe like Meadowlark
talking bout your metal spark, smoking too much marijuana
so high, probably think you're from Zamunda or Wakanda
In a genre of prima donna's no sense on the mic
the type to use your whole fist to hold a pencil to write
man, offensive I’m quite, I been told that
bul I’m just a cold cat raised off M.O.P nigga hold dat
my journey ain't on no GPS, ain’t no road map
hottest in your city that’s pity where ya goals at?
the world's bigger than ya block, get a passport
learn some other cultures hit the ground get a crash course
I don’t do no backpack rap ain’t no Jansport
I pen it make a tenant transform into a landlord
never too late success ain't got no office hours
claim my spot like a dog we be marking ours
while your people still here man offer flowers
let’em smell’em gotta tell’em before they call for showers

Copyright: Whitmore Skillz Music 2021


from $14 and a Record Player, released February 21, 2021
written by Terrence Wood
produced by Beatbusta Productions


all rights reserved



Terrence Wood Austin, Texas

Terrence Wood
aka Side Effect

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