There was a Time

from The Flyest on Papyrus by Terrence Wood

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Verse 1:

There was a time where I used to care who spit the illest freestyle
all I care about now, seeing my kids smile
the only constant is change is very true
cause the things that used to resonate with me no longer do
circle of trust tightened up it don’t include you
everybody that came can’t go there’s no room
spaces is limited see faces with grimaces
hate and bitterness so mad they can’t formulate sentences
my flow nasty like porno tape businesses
it took me over tough times and gone through great distances
known spitter, can’t wait on no beginner
gray hairs growing thicker as my patience grow thinner
no time for bullshit, zero tolerance policy
oh that’s how it is?, nah kid that’s how it gotta be
this check and balance is in place for a reason
affords me to take warm vacations in cold seasons

Verse 2:

This underground rap money ain’t feeding these babies
it might supplement, make a dent, cover the rent
it’s uneven how they chopped the pie
ain’t got to lie, you making pennies off of Spotify
that business model got to die
touring is boring when you spend more money
tryna get there than you actually make performing
I’ma license my music to a movie that’s foreign
so it generates this money while I’m snoring
nah I ain’t lazy, but if the choice is going to hear you rhyme
or chilling with my son, he gonna win every time
nothing personal, family first you know
no lies, tryna stay still and stack the fromage
so when them rainy days come I ain’t gotta stay inside and go hide
I can dance in the puddle, hop the tram and the shuttle
from the city where it feel like I’m crammed in a huddle
my rhymes is the play book
we going this way look

Verse 3:

They feel it when it’s honest and relatable
timeless never dateable, easy listening almost conversational
unmistakable, small breaks I had to take a few
then I’m back at it relapsing like I’m an addict
I still pen and pad it while y'all add it to ya tablet
elaborate, hand crafted these graphics to ya fabric
this life, you think you can or you can’t, then you’re right
you will it into existence, I spill it into a sentence
you happy bout your accomplishments I feel ya boy
please don’t compare us it’ll steal ya joy
I’m the real Mccoy, I don’t discuss my sales
I just get up in the wind I adjust my sails
and follow my moral compass and exhibit this art
you can’t see it or touch it gotta feel it in ya heart
experience this lyrical visionary
it’s written in calligraphy on the most official stationary


from The Flyest on Papyrus, released February 18, 2021
written and produced by Terrence Wood (Side Effect)


all rights reserved



Terrence Wood Austin, Texas

Terrence Wood
aka Side Effect

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