I'm just a curator of ill data
compile it in a file and call it style originator
might not know it now you probably learn about it later
when ya biggest fan a stranger but ya friends ya biggest haters
oh that’s ya man, that’s ya fam what’s his plan?
extend his hand to build bridges no he tryna build dams
never know on the low they finessin with the floss
make you show the difference tween the workers and the boss
gotta separate myself from you dummies at all cost
you type to probably write I’m sorry for your lost
when somebody dies please get to steppin'
cause I gotta lotta family up in heaven that I’m reppin'
stay ready I be preppin' like it's bout to get violent
the fools multiply when wise men stay silent
do the math I add on then divide and lift the bar
the beat punch hard it feels like the fist of God
I’m just tryna turn ya ego off and turn on ya soul
I capture it in pieces then present it as a whole
pie chart displaying all my challenges and goals
write scrolls to put holes in the haters and the trolls


Day time, night time, it hit different when you hear it at the right (write) time
maybe a moment when you weren't up in your right mind
music hit different when you hear it at the right (write) time
summer time,winter time, take you back to a way more simple time
fell in love and thought it last till the end of time
music hit different when you hear it at the right (write) time

I’m uncertain, working on time that’s borrowed
so either way I’ma seize the day tomorrow
professional procrastinator had plans to do more
and all you haters get pushed down the moon door
get yourselff an aggregator get on Tune Core
build ya buzz might see you on a June tour
each songs a audiobook so you can hear the glory
cause when you're hard to read people write they own story
hell let’em tell it ain’t gone stop you from living
try paying your bills with them other peoples opinion
I love being oblivious to haters and my foes
shorty she could walk up and kiss me on my nose
couldn’t pick her out a line up my heads in the cumulus
dancing with my kids, basking in their youthfulness
5 star meal with amenities
sitting at a table prepped for me in the presence of my enemies
let’em watch hatin every drop as I pour it
Wit a thick jawn that shop up in Torrid I’m all for it
view distorted, can’t see the trees for the forest
I mean the forest for the trees drop the chorus then I breeze

Copyright: Whitmore Skillz Music 2020


from $14 and a Record Player, released February 21, 2021
written by Terrence Wood
produced by Lil Akhi Beatz


all rights reserved



Terrence Wood Austin, Texas

Terrence Wood
aka Side Effect

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